Let’s put more smiles on faces!


We want to be able to provide life-enriching boating experiences for many more people with disabilities – but to do that we need your help.

Our More Smiles Campaign


Cowes Sailability Club is currently appealing for funding to purchase a new wheelchair-accessible motor boat, so that it can offer more boating trips for people with disabilities on the Isle of Wight.  Taking a motor boat trip can be incredibly beneficial for those who have to overcome the challenges of physical disabilities, illness and mental health issues on a daily basis.  Adults and children alike can build their confidence by learning new skills, improve their health by undertaking an outdoor activity and relieve their isolation and loneliness by meeting new people.

The club previously owned a wheelchair-accessible motor boat and provided trips for people with disabilities for nearly ten years.  This boat has now come to the end of its life, so there is an immediate need for a replacement motor boat, to enable us to both resume our previous services and expand the number of trips we can offer.  The new boat that the club hopes to acquire is a Cheetah Marine 7.9 Catamaran that will accommodate ten adults or children, with a side access for wheelchairs.  Specifically adapted for people with disabilities, it has a secondary helm, allowing everyone to experience the thrill of steering a course through the waves and learn new skills.



To make our dream a reality, we really need your help to raise money. So, please, take a moment to make an affordable donation now, using your debit card, credit card or PayPal account. The online payment process is very quick, easy and secure – and every penny you donate will go straight to our More Smiles campaign. Thank you.

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Corporate Sponsorship


The More Smiles Campaign is a very worthwhile local ‘good cause’ which you could support as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Organisations that make significant financial contributions will be given the opportunity to place their logos on the vessel, and Cowes Sailability Club will support joint publicity.

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